We certainly hope you enjoyed taking our class Guide to Retirement Planning.  We hope you are well and have remained safe during these most difficult times. At the conclusion of class, you indicated interest in coming into our office for a complementary consultation.   The consultation offers the opportunity to answer any question you have concerning your own finances, which we could not properly address in a class setting.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been meeting with clients virtually.  We are gradually welcoming clients back into our office, if they feel comfortable doing so. CDC questions are asked when appointments are scheduled.  Upon arrival, your temperature is taken, health guidelines are discussed once more. Face Masks are worn, our office is thoroughly disinfected after each client leaves.  Rest assured; we are actively promoting a safe environment in our office.

We hope you are still interested in improving your financial status and being properly prepared for retirement.  Remember our goal is to help you maintain your lifestyle, as you define it, for the rest of your life without ever worrying about your money running out.  

During this pandemic our clients have reminded us of the success Logan and I sought to accomplish with them:  the confidence that their Financial Life Plan, which is stress tested to withstand a 30% drop in the market every five years, gives them tremendous peace of mind. Hence, “this too shall pass”.

Should you have further questions concerning our complementary consultation, please send them along.   We sincerely hope you have not forgotten our four concepts:

1) 82% of Americans do not know what they’re talking about concerning financial affairs.
2) Everything you buy today, will cost you more tomorrow.
3) Human nature is always a failed investor.
4) Your Financial Life Plan.

If you’re ready to schedule your Complimentary Consultation, please contact Loretta at (210) 702-3961.

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